Changemaker in Slums (CIS), founded in 2016, is a social venture empowering schools with our market-based innovative solutions. By business engagement, capacity training, and micro-capital, we are assisting schools to run revenue-generating projects within the 3 pillars of our focus:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Leadership Development

CIS directs network, investment and technologies from Europe to Africa, so schools can have access to resources they otherwise won’t have. We are actively engaging local communities to align with Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG7 and SDG12.

CIS has been operating under 3 cities in Kenya (Homa Bay, Nairobi and Nakuru) since 2016. In 2019, we also expanded part of our services to Nigeria and Ghana


Our mission is to empower vulnerable schools, so to provide a life-changing educational opportunity for children in developing settings.

We bring together local communities, business and academic partners in new collaborations. We believe every child has the right to go to school. So, we help to create market-based sustainable solutions & business models empowering low-cost private schools.

Management Team

The Management Team (Back Office) is based in the Nordic and is responsible for project management, marketing, financial management, and corporate partnerships.


Wenjing Yang (Head of CIS): Wenjing has 3-year project experiences in the field of social innovation in East Africa and China. Before starting CIS, she collaborated with a research group for social economy and enterprise in Taiwan, and co-published papers under this topic in both Indonesia (2014) and Macau (2015). Wenjing has also been involved in NGO in Kenya since 2016. Currently, she is overseeing the strategic partnership and day-to-day operations of CIS.

Raquel Hinojosa (Legal consultant): Raquel obtained her master degree in Law and Business Management. Alongside with her international traveling experience, Raquel has also worked as the person-in-charge of the Purchasing and Logistics Department, under an international company. With her expertise, Raquel will be an important link to develop innovative solutions at CIS, especially with respect to our value chain. If you meet Raquel, you will be influenced by her openness to learn about new cultures and knowledge. It is this curiosity that helps CIS to stay hungry, and to continue pushing for new packages.

Jiahui Yu (Business Designer): Jiahui has an international background in change management and organizational strategy, in the past years she had created social project in China meanwhile practiced innovative solutions in global industrial leading companies around Europe and US. Jiahui joined CIS to take on a consultative role on designing strategy and organizational scalability. With creative destruction and structured imagining work style, Jiahui is always passionate about contributing to CIS growth.

Chung Tsz Chung (Project Manager): Chung is well-versed in managing projects under developing countries settings, he spent 6 months in Sudan and another 6 months in Egypt. He has previously worked with 2 social-inclusion start-ups in HK managing their projects, and prior to joining CIS he has also co-founded a social venture in HK (WeLearn) focusing on experiential learning, where he built the organization from scratch, single-handedly closed sponsorship deal with donors in Shanghai. Under CIS, Chung is mainly responsible for managing existing projects and relationship management with angels and current partners.

Team supports:

  • Yanxi Zhou (Designer)
  • Zhimin Dai (Financial Manager)

Ground Team

The Ground Team (Front Office) is based in Kenya and is in charge of managing the local operations, including field research (school visits, data collection), stakeholders engagement, project maintenance, and operations. As a bridge between the management team and customers, they play a vital role in identifying the customers’ needs and providing them with timely supports.


Wangari Watene (Regional Manager – East Africa): Wangari is a native Kenyan currently living in Nairobi. Wangari has been working in the field of social innovation for more than 2 years with international NGOs in Kenya. She has led a series of empowerment projects of education and community health (i.e. Mbagathi District Hospital, Westlands Health center, Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK), Medical Missionaries of Mercy in Kibera, and Kukuma School in Mukuru Slum respectively). Kare is responsible for program training and marketing, as well as school monitoring on the ground for CIS.

Agwa Brian Omondi (Agricultural Associate): Agwa is a native Kenyan and was an entrepreneur before joining CIS, where his power project has been funded by incubator. Driven by the mission of CIS, Agwa decided to work at CIS. Agwa looks after the project management and marketing process, he has implemented new project management tools and innovative communication channels for the team. Right now Agwa is working on implementing new packages with CIS’s partner school.

Others: Aoko Magero, Sarah Njung’ei Muranja, Adefemi Michael, Herine Chepkirui, Victor Chege etc.