Nairobi, Kenya

Scaling Up KSH is the second school we partnered with, after the successful pilot in Homa Bay in 2017. We made several adjustments after the evaluation of the pilot, and add more elements of co-creation into generating a win-win solution. We have 3 more schools in Nairobi who expressed interest in partnering with us. We are expecting to scale-up early …

Our business focuses on revenue-generating and capacity building through a localized business model

CIS rebuilds the falling schools, and makes it last. Our programs are therefore tackling two pressing areas at most low-cost private schools, (1) the lack of stable income and (2) insufficient capacity. These two issues cannot be solved unless by schools themselves, therefore we teach schools how to fish, rather than giving them the fish. CIS positions ourselves as a …


Our mission is to provide a life-changing educational opportunity for children in slums areas.   We work in partnership with communities, schools and families to deliver evidence for primary school children.   As a commitment to “education equity”, we support a tailored-version of empowerment projects to provide underprivileged families with education opportunities.


Gold Award, “Challenge Cup” National Entrepreneurship Competition First Prize, “Internet +” College students’ Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition Awardee, Leapfrog Scholarship for Social Innovation Featured in Lund University’s Website

Home Bay, Kenya

CIS set its foot first in Homa Bay in 2017. We made it from building a connection through network, to going through a whole vetting and school assessment process. CIS first developed a sack gardening project for our partner school, WKA, in view of the empty backyard in school. It was proved to be a huge success. Following up in …

Who we reach

We work with existing schools who are, 1. focusing on formal education (i.e. curriculum taught according to national education bureau) 2.  without receiving large external financing (i.e. independent) 3.  lack of network to external partners (in general) 4. struggling to be self-sustainable

Our model

Our model is simple and effective, as per pilot every $1 we invested, $1.3 of revenue is generated. CIS combines team expertise and local knowledge, by pulling up resources together and redistribute knowledge back to the schools Our model focuses on, We Invest in innovative solutions We hand-pack local programs that have succeed in local settings We connect and collaborate …