Gold Award, “Challenge Cup” National Entrepreneurship Competition First Prize, “Internet +” College students’ Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition Awardee, Leapfrog Scholarship for Social Innovation Featured in Lund University’s Website

Home Bay, Kenya

CIS set its foot first in Homa Bay in 2017. We made it from building a connection through network, to going through a whole vetting and school assessment process. CIS first developed a sack gardening project for our partner school, WKA, in view of the empty backyard in school. It was proved to be a huge success. Following up in …

Who we reach

We work with existing schools who are, 1. focusing on formal education (i.e. curriculum taught according to national education bureau) 2.  without receiving large external financing (i.e. independent) 3.  lack of network to external partners (in general) 4. struggling to be self-sustainable

Our model

Our model is simple and effective, as per pilot every $1 we invested, $1.3 of revenue is generated. CIS combines team expertise and local knowledge, by pulling up resources together and redistribute knowledge back to the schools Our model focuses on, We Invest in innovative solutions We hand-pack local programs that have succeed in local settings We connect and collaborate …

Inspiration of CIS

Wenjing Yang (founder of CIS) went to Kenya in 2015 and found out a lot of private schools closed down after few years, the rest are either not getting on their own feet (rely on international funding) or cutting cost by employing unqualified teachers. She went on to do a crowd-funding charity project in Kenya, later shaped it to a …

What we do

CIS is a Sweden-based for-profit social venture focusing on solution generation for low-cost informal/private schools, who are struggling to become self-sustainable. We are doing so by providing them supports in terms of capacity building training, loan capital, and education technology.