Embrace the Change

It has been 2.5 years since the establishment of CIS. We went from developing an idea supported by friends and people we had never met, to going to a country we had never been to before and finally making it in Kenya. It was a long shoot my friends, from knowing nobody to building up our own reputation within the community we operate in. If it was not because of the hours our ground team and management team put in, we could never have made it. 

With all that said, the same thinking that brought us to our height today, would not be enough to drive us to our larger vision. We want to make our mark on 100 schools by 2019. In order to achieve our larger vision, we need to develop new skillsets, new mindsets, and new tools to tackle the challenges that we will face. For the upcoming 3 months, CIS will be implementing a strategy workshop, restructuring the business model, and re-thinking the way we operate. Stay tuned, because you will be amazed!


  1. My family how are you I’m new member coming in

    1. Thank you for your msg Hassan, warm welcome!

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