After conducting 122 interviews, CIS have identified energy as a main challenge faced by schools. Therefore, we launched Solar4Schools in 2019. Below are various challenges Kenyan schools are facing:

  • Limited access to electricity

Around 40% of people in Kenya do not have access to electricity and that is also true for schools. Furthermore, even areas connected to grid electricity suffer various power failures (i.e. high installation/monthly consumption cost and unreliability).

  • Too expensive

Regardless of location—urban or rural—schools are actually spending more than they should on lighting their buildings.

For those (schools) who can access grid power, the high expenses on installation and monthly costs make electricity still unaffordable to most schools. For those who cannot access grid power, their monthly expenses on alternatives (i.e. kerosene) are in fact more costly.

  • Dim

The light is too dim to read or study without straining the eyes. In the long term, it can lead to eye problems to both students and teachers in the schools.

  • Unstable income

As some parents cannot pay the tuition fee on time (some even fail to pay), most schools receive an unstable income and are looking for solutions.

Solar4Schools is open for pre-order!

With advice and support from professors and students at Aalborg University in Denmark, CIS is making use of improved technology and falling prices of solar panels, to develop solar-powered solutions for schools. It will be able to bring light and sound to schools, at a lower price than the current standard.

As an alternative to grid power, this product is a new solution designed for schools. With this product, schools can access off-grid power, save money (compared to grid power and kerosene), providing a new source of income.

What kind of features does the product have?

Schools can use the product to,

  • light multi-classrooms
  • power computers and laptops
  • run a phone charging business

What are the technologies involved?

  • Keycode Data Transfer
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Technology  

Why phone charging business?

  • Current phone charging demand are enormous in Kenya
  • Current phone charging businesses are often insecure (run by staff, which can be risky at times), and unreliable (doesn’t work during blackout)

Wanna pay little by little?

We provide a special payment approach to schools who want to pay little by little – EasyBuy. Email us to check out how it works.

Wanna make an order?

Up till now, we have received 3 pre-orders from schools. If you don’t want to miss out, simply email us:!