First Prototype of the Solar4School System!

With the help from Adefemi, our Nigeria-based colleague, CIS has developed first prototype for our Solar4School system. Powered by Twilio, it is a smart program essentially allowing users to pay for solar charging service using M-Pesa payment system. In the past, owing to lack of technical expertise, most of the charging stations in African need to be monitored manually. However from now on, with CIS’s technology, these systems is not far from being automated and controlled remotely. 

The prototyping process is an excellent example of CIS’s long standing value of international collaboration. As a hub connecting external resources to Africa, CIS acts as a platform bridging business development advice from Denmark, together with technical advice from China, to our workstation in Nigeria. Equipped with essential knowledge and programming skills, Adefemi developed the first prototype ready to be tested with the M-Pesa system in Kenya. 

Network is power, and knowledge is the base. If we miss out any single part of input, from Denmark, from China, or from Nigeria, we will not be seeing the prototype here today. Stay tuned for more updates on our Solar4School system!