For Community Organizations

Yes, you have come to the right place – CIS is here to help.

We invest in agriculture, by partnering with research institutions in Kenya to ride on the latest technologies, and apply them in small-holder settings. We are involved in county-level empowerment projects, by committing to co-finance water projects. We devise affordable solar systems tailored to private schools in Kenya, by pulling knowledge and technical know-how with Danish institutions. And we connect you with investors and donars outside Africa / Kenya.

Leverage on CIS’s platform to create greater impact!

Application Timeline

 Before Partnership (3 weeks)

  1. Send email to or
  2. Our ground staff pays a visit to your organization, talk with director and teachers
  3. Our management staff from head office schedule a call with the organization
  4. Vetting of financials, registration certificate, etc

 Partnership (3 months)

  1. We help you to submit proposals to investors and donars across CIS’s network in Europe
  2. We make sure your proposal is investor-friendly
  3. When money comes in, we take 3-10% of the share

 After Partnership (2 months)

  1. Program evaluation
  2. Program monitoring


Most of CIS’s investors / donars are interested in directing their money towards the following areas

  1. Social Empowerment
  2. Economic Empowerment
  3. Environmental Conservation


Shoot us an email at or, together with a proposal, or a project idea

We have gone whatsaap in 2018! Our official whatsaap account is +46 76 937 55 74

Drop us a text, and we will take it from there! 🙂