Homa Bay – We will Fail Our Way to Success!

CIS agricultural associate Agwa Brian visited Homa Bay last month. There is great potential in the county’s agricultural sector, yet most have not been tapped to its level best. Many residents are not aware of the best farming techniques, or the most productive seeds to use. That’s why, during Agwa’s visit, he took precious time to conduct workshop and share best agricultural practices with school committees.

Homa Bay is a tough area to operate in, as water is often scarce. However, CIS is working with schools to overcome the challenge, one step at a time.  With the stable revenue generated, we will be able to purchase water tank and pumps in the near future. With more high-quality harvest we produce, school can build new classrooms, grow stronger, and change the future of our kids!

We know this is going to work, because we have seen it happened in other places. We believe that it can happen for Homa Bay as well. The possibilities are endless, and together WE will attract miracles!