Innovative plans to break through schools’ barriers to sustainability

CIS is a Nordic-based social venture focusing on solution generation for informal/private schools in slum areas, who are struggling to become self-sustainable. Our strategy and marketing team is based in Sweden, while real operational staff stationed in Kenya.

We believe every child have the right to go to schools but sadly that’s not the case at the moment. Kenya has pushed forward a free education system only a century ago, which gave rise to openings in lots of private schools. Because they are going to a new business, many of them failed, which not only affect the schools, but also students.

We invest in innovative plans which have been proved successful in local settings. Under the mandate of CIS’s frugal research committee, the 3 pillars of our focus are (1) Agriculture, (2) Energy and (3) Leadership Development respectively. Our collaborators are mostly practitioners in the field, including research institutions, universities, international corporations, and suppliers.  Our programs are suitable even for partners who have no experience to start with.

Each of our program has a test phase for 1 year. Afterwards schools learn the techniques and can implement the project themselves for the future, thus generating a stable income in the long run