Interested in Knowing More About CIS’s Agri-project?

Living in Nairobi, one can never be so sure of the vegetables one takes in. With the limited supply of clean water, farmers sometimes use sewage water for planting.

At CIS, we partner with private schools on gardening projects. Our harvest comes directly from the school garden, with a minimal amount of fertilizer applied. We partner with local suppliers and agricultural institutions, to stay on top of the healthiest agri-technologies.

To CIS, farming is a means to empower the school, the key to building a community. Students learn to work as a team, and to be responsible for watering the plants, day in and day out. Schools build up relationships with the community nearby, by supplying fresh home-grown Kales, Spinage, African Nightshades, and Onions to their neighbors. And in turn, the community gets to know more about the school and education for the bottom million.

If you are interested in getting to know more about our work or want to have a taste of fresh produce, come to visit us in Nairobi, Nakuru or Homa Bay!

Contact: (Management Team) / (Wangari) / +47 015163262080 (Chung)

The easiest thing CIS did is to build a community through agriculture, the hardest thing is to actually believe that we can do it.