Internship with CIS – Changing the World One Step at a Time

This week, we would like to highlight the experience of one of our interns here at CIS, Adefemi Afuwape, a university student from Nigeria. Adefemi completed a 6-month IT internship with us and also took part in our leadership development workshop.

In a conversation with Adefemi, he described his time at CIS as extremely meaningful and enjoyable, revealing that his fellow colleagues “became a family” for him over the months he spent as an intern. Adefemi especially highlighted the educational opportunities he received during his internship, explaining that he “learnt more [about] programming using Python,” which spurred his passion for the subject. Described by his mentor as “a very goal-oriented person,” Adefemi has a “long-term vision of building a community of programmers,” one step towards his ultimate hope of changing lives through greater access to learning opportunities within technology. He wishes to use the knowledge he gained during his internship on the business aspect of technology to “[help] kids on the streets.” Specifically, Adefemi sees the potential in training them [with] technological skills [to] show them how to harness the richness in the tech world,” a perspective he gained through his time interning with us.  

Adefemi is already working towards this ambitious goal. Earlier this year he started a WhatsApp group helping programming students at his university learn more about programming skills. He attributes much of his proactive attitude to the life skills he learnt during our leadership development workshop and to the impact of working in, what he calls, a “startup of change.” From his time with us, Adefemi is clear that witnessing a startup that gives back to the community, giving meaning to the lives it impacts, has had a profound influence on his own life. Showing a clear entrepreneurial spirit, we are sure Adefemi will go on to improve lives within his own community and beyond, carrying with him the skills and lessons he learnt during his internship. At CIS, we understand the value and talent of young people across the globe; therefore, we do our best to offer tailored internship programs that help youth achieve their goals and potential!