Nairobi, Kenya

Scaling Up

KSH is the second school we partnered with, after the successful pilot in Homa Bay in 2017. We made several adjustments after the evaluation of the pilot, and add more elements of co-creation into generating a win-win solution.

We have 3 more schools in Nairobi who expressed interest in partnering with us. We are expecting to scale-up early in 2019, and will start a brand-new partnership program with these 3 early-birds.

Expansion After Pilot Study

Location:   Nairobi, Kenya

Duration:   June 1st, 2018- June 1st, 2019

Stage1 – Sack Gardening Project

Focus:       Generate revenues

Operation:   CIS & Partner school

Products: Kales, Spinage, African Nightshade, Onion

Status: Based on the pilot result in Homa Bay, we scaled up the scale of sack gardening project. We increased investment by 50%, mostly in buying capitals and high-quality sacks. In June 2018, we conducted 2 training sessions at the school. And as of August 2018, KSH has already begun harvesting

Stage2 – Co-Create a Solution Together

Focus:       Win-win solution, Co-creation with stakeholders

Operation:   CIS & Partner school

Status:       We have sent experts from Sweden to Kenya to conduct co-creation workshop in July 2018. The aim is to generate a solution by combining local knowledge of school teachers/ parents and CIS’s professional consulting expertise. We expect more innovative and tailored proposals to be launched after the workshop.