Nakuru, Kenya


In July 2018, Nakuru became the third city in Kenya where we set foot on. Our partner school, SS, is completely new to farming yet has the will to sustain financially. CIS offers a hydroponic farming program tailored to the school’s situation, where we have agricultural experts to set up the soilless system and continually monitor the progress.

Under CIS’s sphere of influence we also have collaborator guaranteeing to buy back the harvest, so the school can kickstart their first farming project even without previous farming experience.

Expansion After Pilot Study

Location:   Nakuru, Kenya

Duration:   October 1st, 2018- October 1st, 2019

Stage1 – Sack Gardening Project

Focus:       Generate revenues

Operation:   CIS & Partner school

Products: Kales, Spinage, African Nightshade

Stage 2 – Co-Create a Solution Together

Focus:       Win-win solution, Co-creation with stakeholders

Operation:   CIS & Partner school

Status:       We have sent expert from Sweden to Kenya to conduct co-creation workshop in July 2018. The aim is to generate a solution by combining local knowledge of school teachers / parents and CIS’s professional consulting expertise. We expect more innovative and tailored proposals to be launched after the workshop.