Our model

Our model is simple and effective, as per pilot every $1 we invested, $1.3 of revenue is generated. CIS combines team expertise and local knowledge, by pulling up resources together and redistribute knowledge back to the schools

Our model focuses on,

    • We Invest in innovative solutions
      • We hand-pack local programs that have succeed in local settings
      • We connect and collaborate with local experts in the field
      • We learn innovative system from collaborators, modify to own context and deliver tailored training to partner schools
    • Schools generate revenue by themselves
      • Schools co-create a plan with us at co-creation workshop
      • We monitor the progress and provide technical + management support
    • Schools repay the investment with revenue generated
      • After repaying the money we invested in and sharing the profit according to pre-agreed formula, the rest of the revenue goes back to the school
      • More importantly, the income stream is stable and sustainable