Our New Face

Have you noticed that we have revamped our website? Following our strategy workshop in early 2019, Changemaker in Slums has set up new priorities and re-positioned ourselves.

Most social ventures cannot survive after an average of 2 years. But for us, CIS is already approaching its 3-year mark, thanks to the trust of local communities and partners. With increasing exposure and an extensive school network, we often find ourselves to be entrusted by European partners as the door to Africa. As such, CIS has the privilege to pull resources from Europe to Africa. 

At CIS, we have the ability to play a bigger role, and the responsibility to do so. CIS recognizes that, our existence is not only a matter of our own concern, but also has huge implications to civil organisations in Europe and in Africa, and to our supporters around the world. Therefore, we set our ambition to be an ecosystem creator in our field and markets. 

Check out our new website for inspirations and collaboration opportunities!