Our Responsibility to the Planet

Last week, our management team attended Eco-Friendly Heroes workshop in Lithuania, exploring potential strategies for CIS to become more environmentally responsible.

To remain sustainable and competitive in the long term, CIS benchmarks our operation to European standards. We constantly prioritize programs that promote and advance the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy. For example, our Solar4School program encourages schools to shift from kerosene to mostly renewable energy. Even during pilot testing, our solar energy product will not be landfilled or incinerated, but will rather circulate around pilot schools in order to minimize wastage. At the same time, our team is considering various measures to ensure responsible treatment of retired photovoltaics, such as setting up an end-of-life recycling system for partner schools.

Africa is not a land of economic growth and waste dumping, it is a land which has to be well-managed to ensure long-term sustainability. Any ideas on how can CIS lead the change of eco-friendliness? Get in touch!