Save money & Study Well with Our Energy Project

CIS’s energy project has a vision to ensure clean, affordable and cost-efficient solar energy solutions in developing countries. Aligned with that vision, the first prototype was aimed to improve electricity supply to private schools in Kenya who are highly dependent on expensive brown energy, such as kerosene and candles.

Our energy project will not only supply more than enough solar power to schools but also bring in new sustainable revenue from a phone charging business. Therefore, people in the community would be able to pay and use the services. In this way, schools will be able to afford a bigger solar system. According to our in-house estimate, schools’ annual electricity expense will drop from over $300 to a clean 0, in addition, the phone charging business will bring in more than $400 revenue in any single year.

To know details on the ‘cost vs revenue’ structure, contact us ( And for more information, you are welcome to follow our LinkedIn page!