Taking Full Responsibility on Our Lives

What defines CIS isn’t the quantity of training we have delivered, nor the assistance we have given schools. What defines CIS, is the self-assuring belief we have brought to hundreds of students and teachers.

Over the past 2 years, CIS have worked hard to deliver one message, one clear message – schools are the ultimate owners of their futures. If schools want to grow, they will have to take full responsibility and act as if the school’s life depended on its actions, because IT DOES. Schools view CIS as a valuable partner, not as an organization that provides assistance, or saves them from troubles unconditionally. If several training sessions, or a definite amount of money could solve the problem, we wouldn’t be seeing 80% of private schools in Kenya failing on an average of 3 years. 

With CIS’s international experience and local expertise, we have the capacity to advise solutions for schools to achieve self-sustainability. And we try not to cross the border, nor foster a sense of over-reliance from schools. By putting limits on our budget, by running a self-sustaining repayment mechanism, and by focusing our work more on knowledge transfer, we have already seen an outstanding progress in a positive shift in the schools’ mindsets. 

In the upcoming future, we will continue to empower the schools we partner with, and to consistently execute our vision that, by taking full responsibility on their ideas and actions, schools have the ability to change their future!