The CIS Mindset

If you talk with CIS’s partner schools, you will find it surprising that most of them have launched similar revenue-generating initiatives before CIS came in. Why then, would CIS be able to create value while our partner schools find it hard to excel?

  1. Sustainability is at the heart of CIS. Before we implement a project with schools, we spend a great deal of time getting to know the schools, and building trust with various stakeholders. Consequently at project launch, the projects would have already been integrated into schools’ daily routines. CIS solutions are tailored to schools’ specific circumstances and needs, therefore our plans can be built to last.
  2. Persistency is what shapes CIS. We have implemented projects that did not yield the expected result, but we never stop running towards our dreams. In 2017, half of the sacks died in one of our agricultural projects, and CIS suffered substantial loss. Most would have given up, yet we did not retreat. CIS went on to figure out solutions avoiding similar mistakes in the future. Now this school is one of the major breadwinners of CIS.

It’s Not Over Until We Win!