We Make Sure All Our Money are Well-Spent

At CIS, we make sure that over 90% of our expenditures go directly to running our programs on the ground. In 2018, we invested 55% of expenses directly into our agriculture program materials, covering the costs for utilities and equipment such as shovels, fertilizers, fungicide, and various types of plants. A further 41% went to our ground team to help them train and support members of our partner schools in seeding, transplanting, grafting, pest-management, and other aspects of sustainable farming. Through organic marketing and other cost saving measures, we ensure that most of the money we spend is channeled directly into Kenya, prioritizing our mission to help low-income schools and maximizing the direct impact of every shilling spent. This money we invested into our agriculture project created enough surplus income for our partner schools to pay a worker and a teacher for one month’s salary, reducing the schools’ financial burdens.

Looking forward into the future for CIS, we expect to invest greater resources into our Solar4School pilot: our solution to expensive or inaccessible electricity, designed specifically for schools. Our pilot study with 3 schools in Kenya will begin in August, aiming to meet the schools’ energy consumption needs while using the most suitable financing mechanisms. With a higher profit margin and number of beneficiaries, this exciting new project has the potential to generate greater impact and grow the return on our costs.  Here at CIS, we are excited and eager to increase our operating expenses to deliver more innovative and critical services on the ground in Kenya.

To help us continue achieving our mission, feel free to donate via PayPal. We guarantee that your money will go directly to those who need it most!