What Makes You Happy?

85% of the people in this world hate their jobs. Yes – 85%! When you look around, 9 out of 10 of your neighbors are spending 9 hours a day doing something they hate. At CIS, we do things that we enjoy, and we are driven by heart.

Who traveled 7 hours from one city to another within a day and missed lunch? It is us delivering agriculture workshops in Nakuru! Why? Because we want to make sure the school knows the right way to farm, has the right tools to grow, and the students have the right food to eat!

Who is knocking on every door possible, searching for ways to improve our program? It is us having rounds of discussions with European investors and consulting companies! Why? Because we believe by partnering with the best agricultural institution, by purchasing from the top supplier, and by collaborating with the leading incubator, CIS can offer our schools a more sustainable future.

Update: CIS has announced a new partnership with a leading organic fertilizer company, and we now offer quality organic fertilizer in East Africa at a price even cheaper than synthetic fertilizer! Drop us a line on +4715163262080 or email changemakerinslums@gmail.com for more details!