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We pull resources from Europe to Africa

Since 2016, Changemaker in Slums has been working with vulnerable schools in Kenya, to build up their own capacities, lower operational costs and generate stable long-term revenue. We direct network, investment and technologies from Europe to Kenya, so schools can have access to resources they otherwise wouldn't have. In 2019, we also expanded part of our services to Nigeria and Ghana.

What We Do


Kenyan private schools.


Kenyan private schools…

Kenyan private schools often have high operation costs, one of the reasons being that they purchase food from the market.…


After conducting 122.


After conducting 122…

After conducting 122 interviews, CIS have identified energy as a main challenge faced by schools. Therefore, we launched Solar 4…

Leadership Development

Africa needs visionary.

Leadership Development

Africa needs visionary…

Africa needs visionary leaders, more than ever.  CIS recognizes that African students lack the mindset to become successful in life,…

Voices from Communities

We treasure your.

Voices from Communities

We treasure your…

We treasure your humanly feedback and interaction more than every KPI we track. Your appreciation is the best motivation to…

3 Countries across Africa
9 Collaborations Bringing Resources to Africa
774 Students Supported
90 % money goes to the ground

Weekly Updates

See how we are reaching millions of people all over the world and helping.

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Next week, CIS will be presenting our ideas on solar...

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We Now Have a LinkedIn Page!

For years, CIS has been focusing 100% on our ground...

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The Journey to Fixing Climate Change

Last week, our founder Yang represented S4S in the Climate Launchpad national final...

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