A Brief Look Inside CIS 2019

Last month (Jan 2019), CIS successfully conducted the first strategy workshop with ground team representatives from Kenya, the management team representatives and mentors from Sweden and Denmark. With all voices being heard, we had a great discussion and have set a clear goal for 2019.

First and foremost, CIS is going to restructure Sack Gardening Project by integrating an evidence-based evaluation mechanism and more training sessions to partner schools with good performance to tackle with their context-based issues. To do so, CIS will expand our partnerships with more local companies and Kenyan entrepreneurs thereby providing schools supports in terms of environment-friendly farming techniques, efficient production and multiple sales channels.

Apart from that, CIS has announced two collaborations with SolarSack (Denmark) and e.Ray (Germany) in finding solar solutions for Kenyan schools who have difficulties in accessing clean water and electricity. In the upcoming two months, we will kick off the two collaborative projects and update you with more details!

As CIS looks to the horizon, we see a future of impact challenges and inspiring opportunities to both CIS and Kenyan schools. We will continue the exploration and transform the lives of more Kenyans throughout the year.

Interested in partnering/ collaborating with us? Get in touch with us!