A Transparency-Driven Venture

Driven by our need to expand and scale-up, CIS is growing more transparent. Since 2016, we have grown from an award-winning idea to a passion-driven venture operating across 3 cities in Kenya. With access to over 10 pre-screened schools in the pipeline, CIS is considering to expand to up to 20 schools in Kenya by end 2019. 

With more school partners, it not only means a higher impact and a more comprehensive footprint, but also more responsibility and accountability. With that said, it is highly probable that CIS will also register in Kenya this / next year, in addition to our current base in Sweden. 

Next month, CIS will migrate of all of our financials to an integrated invoicing and accounting platform, so we can have a more accountable system satisfying potential donors’ requirements. All of CIS’s expenses are documented, and most are backed by receipts. 

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(Photo is our office in Venture Lab in Sweden)