Call for Application – Take Action Now!

After running CIS’s sack gardening program for more than 2 years, we are going to take a further step. CIS wants to help schools to grow stronger. Therefore, we are going to collaborate with Kenyan research institutions to implement programs in private schools. 

A leading CIS initiative in 2018 / 19 resembles the experimentation did by China . In particular, we will be sending agricultural students to live with Kenyan private schools for 1-3 months. Not only can schools benefit from modern farming knowledge that lasts a lifetime, but also students can develop awareness on rural issues and leadership skills. We believe it will be the right cause to train future African leaders.

It is not what CIS leaves for Africa that counts, it is what we leave in their hearts that matters.

Want to apply? Send your CV and motivation letter to Chung (+49 15163262080 /, or email our team ( today!