Challenge Our Conventional Thinking

When people think about CIS, they usually relate to our long-standing agricultural program. Since 2016, we have been assisting our partner schools working towards self-sustainability, through need-based agricultural workshops and on-site advisory service. Although our sack gardening program has earned CIS trust and support from external parties, situations today are not the same as with 3 years ago. In order to keep us ahead of the game, CIS needs to challenge our conventional role.

During our program evaluation phase, our management team actively collected feedback from the ground, via partner schools and staff. CIS is happy to announce that we are rolling out agricultural program 2.0, under which schools will have the opportunity to co-invest with us. Through a wide range of risk sharing and mitigation measures, such as first-loss piece and depository regime, we will have closer alignment of interests with schools as well as a more comprehensive risk management architecture.

Stay tuned for our brand new agricultural program! For interested schools, get in touch!