CIS and Uhuru Kenyatta’s Vision

If you are an East African / Kenyan, you must have heard of the Big Four Agenda by president Uhuru Kenyatta. For so long, CIS has been fighting for the same goal that Mr. Uhuru advocates.

Everyone can grow vegetables. But to grow marvelous, high-yielding vegetables, scientific knowledge is important. By providing our private schools a proven research-backed means to grow vegetables, CIS makes sure students and communities will have healthy food to start their day with. In the slum areas, most students do not have access to quality food, and the only meal they have is the lunch provided by school.

What you are doing is very noble. Most students do not have food to eat at home, they come to schools with an empty stomach waiting to be filled

Last week, our agricultural associate went to Nakuru and delivered a training session on nursery management. We went in the morning and parted at night. 5 sacks have been filled, and so will the stomach of local community. Thank you Agwa, and thank you for supporting what CIS has believed in for all these years!

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