CIS Announces Mentorship Program with Deloitte

The Kenyan market is constantly changing – and we know this. At CIS, we do not wish for an easier market, instead we work to make ourselves better. Innovation has always been the main driver of growth in Africa, and CIS is constantly pushing for innovative programs such as Solar 4 Schools. As part of our innovation agenda, CIS has paired with Niklas Joensen, from the innovation department at Deloitte, to streamline the project management workflow.

Earlier this week, CIS introduced a new internal accounting and invoice system, aiming to reduce the difficulties we face in creating investor reports and collecting repayments from schools. To be able to grow CIS, we cannot do it alone. We need help from countries, companies as well as individuals to offer us new thoughts, and open doors that we cannot open ourselves, and take us to new heights.

Drop us a line at +49 15163262080 (Chung, Project Manager), or email (Yang / Raquel, Co-Founder) if you have some thoughts of project, or new ideas to discuss with!