CIS Host Visitors from Around the World

This week, CIS was fortunate to host leading members from the health, technology, education, and film industries on a visit to one of our partner schools in Kenya. We invited Wanbing Gu, a research coordinator at the Global Health Research Center of Duke Kunshan University and one of the members of the group, to express some thoughts on the impact CIS is having in Kenya.

From the very start of the trip, Wanbing was touched by what she experienced. She says, “we all were touched when we walked into the school and many students ran to us and said hi” with large smiles. She was also moved to learn that the teachers at CIS’s partner school volunteer to teach the slum children. Wanbing revealed that walking into the slums and realizing the “huge disparities between rich and poor” was the most memorable part of her visit. Witnessing such a poor environment highlighted the “great health challenges for people in slums,” which a lack of food safety exacerbates. The whole group, therefore, was impressed by the work CIS has done, especially CIS’s agricultural project, which they feel is “meaningful for the community” by promoting health and self-sustainability. CIS’s work, while centered on sustainability, helps disadvantaged children in various aspects of their lives—education and health included. This visit represents an opportunity for CIS to partner with outside organizations to expand our capacity and deliver more tailored and life-altering products.

Interested in visiting our projects or schools in Kenya? Reach us by email at or by WhatsApp on +4915163262080.