Empower a School, Build a Community

At CIS we believe in getting the locals to work with locals. We hire Kenyan staff to communicate and co-create solutions with partner schools.

Over 90% of our ground staff and ground volunteers are Kenyan students / graduates. We empower the youth, so in the future they can make more impact to the country. Upon harvesting, crops are often sold to communities nearby. Students and parents are involved, and the neighborhood knows the project through words of mouth.

CIS’s agricultural package is more than planting, or sustaining a school. It is a means to connect the people, and to build a community.




  1. Good work CIS. I agree you really connect to the community. We are looking forward to working with you at Sobra Star School

    1. Thank you for your message! CIS currently offers sack gardening program, and will be rolling out hydroponics / animal keeping and energy programs in 2019

      We are looking forward to creating a sustainable solution for your school and your community!

      1. good

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