For Schools

Yes, you have come to the right place – CIS is here to help.

We will co-create a solution that works with your school’s special circumstance. With our experienced local staff and expert consultants in China + Sweden, CIS has a lot of programs to offer. Check out our previous programs with schools in agriculture, energy & leadership development!

Application Timeline

 Before Partnership (3 weeks)

  1. Send application
  2. Our ground staff pays a visit to your school, talk with director and teachers
  3. Our management staff from head office schedule a call with the school
  4. Vetting of financials, registration certificate, etc

 Partnership (12 months)

  1. Co-creation workshop between CIS staff and stakeholders at school
  2. Program training session and task-force setting
  3. Program implementation and fund disbursement by stage
  4. Revenue generation
  5. Repayment by stage

 After Partnership (2 months)

  1. Program evaluation
  2. Program continuation / discontinuation


While CIS does not follow a hard mandate, we do want to divert our resources to the most-needed areas

  1. Preferably without external financing
  2. Preferably without external partners
  3. Struggling to be self-sustainable


Shoot us an email at or

We have gone whatsaap in 2018! Our official whatsaap account is +49 15163262080

Drop us a text, and we will take it from there! 🙂