Global Recognition of CIS

Hard work pays off, and working hard to help the underprivileged pays off tremendously. Since CIS’s establishment in 2016, we have dedicated our time and efforts to serve private schools in Kenya. It was never an easy choice. We went through a lot of painstaking processes, but we kept working on it anyhow.

After 3 years of tough battle, CIS finally received global recognition. Our founder has been selected to take part in Founders of Tomorrow Bootcamp in Copenhagen. Together with 60 other selected participants around the world, CIS will share our story, and exchange ideas on how to make the world a better place, through new ideas and tireless execution.

Even if nobody sees it at first, CIS never gets discouraged. And if for one moment, we had given up, none of you would be seeing CIS standing high today. With our story, we want to tell you that – your dream is possible, never give up because of the tough times. If CIS can do it, then you can also do it!

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