Prototyping Support from Lund University

Due to our dedication and passion to bring lights to schools in Africa, CIS has been awarded the Leapfrog Grant from Lund University to move forward our Solar4School project. The Leapgrod Grant is not only an assurance of the quality of our projects, but also an acknowledgement of CIS’s consistent execution of our vision since 2016.

By the end of 2019, CIS will have a working prototype generating electricity from solar power. Using our system, CIS’s partner schools in Kenya can expect to save 30 thousand shillings a year in electricity bills. In addition, schools can make an average annual income of 12 thousand shillings, simply by opening access of the phone charging stations to the community. The total monetary earnings from schools are equivalent to the monthly salary of 5 teachers, therefore will make a significant impact in alleviating schools’ operational cost. 

We believe, clean and affordable energy is not just an ideal in developed countries, it is also an achievable goal in developing countries. If you share the same vision with us, let us talk!