Our business focuses on revenue-generating and capacity building through a localized business model

CIS rebuilds the falling schools, and makes it last. Our programs are therefore tackling two pressing areas at most low-cost private schools, (1) the lack of stable income and (2) insufficient capacity. These two issues cannot be solved unless by schools themselves, therefore we teach schools how to fish, rather than giving them the fish.

CIS positions ourselves as a supporting entity, whereby we provide everything schools needed to start off. Schools take the lead to monitor and push forward the co-created program, and CIS align their interests by linking the payment structure with program progress.

CIS employs local staff to communicate with local partners, so at the end it is of local interest to generate revenue and build capacity themselves.

Lots of NGOs , or so-called change agents, have an agenda behind to push for. They have a plan, and want to launch the same plan all over the country. At CIS we emphasis on co-creation and trust building, that’s why we maintain long-lasting business relationship with most partners.