Sack Gardening Program

Sack Gardening has been a main revenue drivers for small households in slums in Kenya. But to get started, one needs a sizable amount of capital, and decent amount of farming knowledge. For a school, it is a political process which involves a considerable amount of risk for project failure.

CIS introduces the same concept to schools, while providing in-house training for new schools on disease management (e.g. pest) and various high-yielding techniques (e.g. inter-cropping). Our team of agricultural experts regularly visit partner school and provide individualized capacity building workshop. As such, CIS removes the risk that keeps schools from not starting an agri-business project.

CIS partners with various agricultural institutions, and always stays on the edge of top agri-practices. Our in-house training are tailored with school settings, and integrate different stakeholders such as students, parents and teachers. To date, Sack Gardening Project forms an important part of school’s disposable income, of students’ daily learning curriculum, and the bridge to connect neighboring communities.