The Homa Bay Story

Our agricultural associate, Agwa Brian, visited Homa Bay last week.
Homa Bay is a demanding county to work at – in 2018, Homa Bay county government suspended water supply as floods ruined the water pipeline. Without clean and abundant water, farming is difficult. In addition, Homa Bay often receives minimal attention and suffers the most due to its remoteness. At CIS, we believe that’s exactly why we need to allocate resources to this county with the most urgent needs. 

Agwa conducted training with our partner school, on various water saving measures, for instance mulching. Drought resistant crops were also planted on the ground instead of sacks, to avoid loss of water. 

Compared to Nairobi, it is certainly more challenging to operate in Homa Bay. However at CIS, we take pride in our decision to implement projects in Homa Bay. Water shortage is an issue that requires concerted effort of local government, private entities and local residents. And at the level of CIS, we will also draw attention to international communities. 

If it is hard, then we do it hard!