Together We Go Far

Lots of people ask – what is the structure of CIS? If you also have the same doubt, you better pay attention 🙂 In short, CIS consists of a management team and a ground team, and together we are more than the sum of our parts. 

CIS management team takes the lead in pushing innovative programs, and finding new ways to improve our programs. In 2018, the management team have conducted 122 interviews with Kenyan businesses and schools. Based on their needs, CIS is launching Solar 4 School, Water Purification, and Impact Funding programs in the next 2 years. 

But all of CIS’s strategies and visions will stand idle if no one is executing them. That’s where CIS ground team comes in. CIS’s ground team members are all local Kenyans. They sometimes travel for 10 hours from one city to another, just because this is what it takes to build the CIS dream. A successful business is 1% idea, and 99% implementation, and CIS ground team are all genius in their own field (people management / agriculture / solar / technology). 

We know it is hard, but we are driven by heart. Want to know more? Email us at or WhatsApp CIS Project Manager (+49 15163262080)!