What Prevents Kenya from Growing Rich?

If you ask a typical Kenyan on what prevents the country from growing rich, you are going to have a lot of insights. Corruption, education, living cost… CIS has conducted 122 interviews, to uncover why Kenyans’ incomes are still lagging behind those in developed countries.

It turned out that, an average Kenyan spends a disproportionally high amount of their income on daily necessities, such as food and energy. As a result, Kenyans have little savings to invest in other income generating activities, and to grow their wealth. 

While in Germany and Denmark a lot of households have switched to cost-free solar energy to generate electricity, a Kenyan primary school spends on average 25USD a month on kerosene just to power up the school! Imagine if every Kenyan primary school saves 25USD a month on electricity, the country can save up to 9Million USD alone in a year.
Great progress comes from small steps. In the upcoming blog posts, we will explain the CIS approach to assist Kenya in accumulating wealth. Stay tuned!